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Ikea Ektorp Covers

A wide range of slipcovers for various Ektorp models made in 5 working days, including covers for 2-seat and 3 seat sofa, 2-seat and 3-seat sofa beds, Ektorp sofa with chaise longue, Ektorp corner sofa, Ektorp armchair, Ektorp Jennylund, Ektorp chaise longue, Tullsta chair and Bromma footstool. Excellent upholstery fabrics and skilled staff guarantee outstanding quality, so all Dekoria covers come with 2 Years Warranty. Buy your new Ikea Ektorp cover in just 3 simple steps: find your Ektorp model, pick your fabric and order online today.
Ektorp 2-seater sofa cover IKEA
Ektorp 2-seater sofa cover
139 products
Ektorp 3-seater sofa cover IKEA
Ektorp 3-seater sofa cover
139 products
Ektorp 2-seater sofa with chaise longue cover IKEA
Ektorp 2-seater sofa with chaise longue cover
123 products
Ektorp corner sofa cover IKEA
Ektorp corner sofa cover
123 products
Ektorp armrest covers IKEA
Ektorp armrest covers
79 products
Ektorp Tullsta chair cover IKEA
Ektorp Tullsta chair cover
123 products
Ektorp armchair cover IKEA
Ektorp armchair cover
140 products
Ektorp Jennylund armchair cover IKEA
Ektorp Jennylund armchair cover
123 products
Ektorp Bromma footstool cover IKEA
Ektorp Bromma footstool cover
123 products
 Ektorp chaise longue left cover IKEA
Ektorp chaise longue left cover
123 products
 Ektorp chaise longue right cover IKEA
Ektorp chaise longue right cover
123 products
Ektorp roll cushion cover IKEA
Ektorp roll cushion cover
123 products
Browse over 100 fireproof machine washable Ikea Ektorp furniture covers with 2 years warranty. We deliver quickly too  - we can make covers within 7 days. Our covers fully comply with UK fire safety requirements, so they are suitable for both domestic use (fire safe but also kids & pets friendly) and rental properties.

Ikea Ektorp sofa and sofa bed covers are one of the most popular slipcovers on Dekoria. Classic shape and comfort make Ektorp a staple in many British homes and we're delighted that we can offer a wide range of covers, to help give a new lease of life to your Ektorp - in an instant! We have over 100 fabrics to choose from and we offer free swatches - please feel free to order yours to see and touch the fabric before you order your cover.

Ikea Ektorp range slipcovers are made to order from as few as 5 workings days and come with 2 Years Guarantee for any manufactuere's faults. Most covers are machine washable too, making them particularly family and pet friendly.

Buy your new covers in just 3 simple steps. Find your piece to cover: Ektorp 2 seater or 3 seater sofa, Ektorp sofa bed, Ektorp armchair or Ektorp footstool, pick your fabric and order your slipcover online today.
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