Fabric collection Aquarelle

Aquarelle is a striking collecton of colourful fabrics inspired by impressionist art and influenced by modern trends.

Vibrant and tasteful fabrics from Aquarelle collection will help you create a cosy interior with lots of energy and colour. Just like the technique used by the great masters of impressionism such as Monet, these eerie patterns reject the definition of classic art  with clear shapes and sober colours. The focus is on the feel, perspective, energy and colours.

Aquarelle is a way to create an artistic, unique and sublime interior firmly set in the latest trends. Ideal for both traditional and homely interiors as well as industrial and design-led spaces, this new collection will add warmth and style. Choose from large high impact pieces such as curtains or blinds or just a few accessories e.g. cushions, bedspreads or tablecloths to update your home with Aquarelle.

From £10.00 / metre

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Fabrics in collection Aquarelle