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Fabric code: 900-00
Fabric code: 900-01
Fabric code: 901-00
Fabric code: 901-01
Pencil pleat voile/net curtain in collection Voile, fabric: 900-00
Pencil pleat voile/net curtain in collection Voile, fabric: 900-00
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Made to measure items are non-returnable

min: 100,
min: 160, max: 260
Quanity pcs.

Sheer pencil pleat curtains available in a wide range of fabrics to suit all interiors, from lounges to kids rooms.

All curtains are supplied with lead weight hem to ensure that curtains hang beautifully in the window

Made to measure curtains are also available - curtain making is free so you pay for the fabric only.

Most fabrics on are 130 cm wide, so curtains wider that this will be two (or more, only if required) pieces of fabric joined together in an aethetic manner, which does not reduce the quality of the product.

Important: Curtains are available to purchase in singles so if you would like to buy a pair, please make to change the quanity to 2 units. The width you order is the width before gathering so please refer to our Curtains Measuring Guide to ensure you order the correct size after gathering.

Fabric Facts

Dekoria Fabric code: 900-00
Fabric 900-00

Do not tumble dry Cool iron at maximum 110ºC Do not bleach Wash with delicate setting at maximum 30ºC

Net/voile curtains

Collection: Voile
Fabric code: 900-00
Composition: 100% polyester
Width of fabric: 298cm
Colour: white
Blackout: Low
Features: matt

from £8.00

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In a pencil pleat curtain the fabric is gathered into pleats with a 7 cm wide curtain. The tape is fitted at the top of the curtain (at the back) and it has 2 rows of pockets to chose from and to place hooks in while hanging the curtain.

The bottom of the curtain is hemmed. The width of the hem depends on the drop of the curtain:

- for curtains up to 200 cm long the width of the hem is 5 cm

- for curtains over 200 cm long the width of the hem is 10 cm

The bottom of the curtains is also finished with weights in the bottom corners of the curtain, to improve the hang and keep the curtain in position.

The hem on the sides of the curtain is 2 cm wide.

The width of the curtain made to measure is the width before gathering. Please allow extra fabric for gathering.

Curtains over 130 cm in width are made out of two or more pieces of fabric. This is due to the standard width of fabrics (140cm) available from fabric manufacturers. This is a standard practice in the industry, the patterns are matched across the pieces of fabric and this does not affect the quality or the look of the finished curtain. This may not apply to a small number of fabrics that are supplied in rolls that are 280 cm wide.

Pencil pleat curtains details

Width: When measuring for the width of pencil pleat curtain remember that the width of the fabric will significantly reduce with gathering. It is therefore recommended to measure the pole or track and multiply its width by 2 times and divide this by 2 to calculate the required widths of individual curtains. The width can be adjusted with the strings at the back of the curtain, thus allowing some flexibility in the final look.

Drop: For pencil pleat curtains the drop is measured from the pole or track to the window sill or the floor . For extra long curtains that pool on the floor add 20 cm to the drop. The drop can be adjusted by 2.5cm to 5 cm with the choice of either the upper or the lower row at the back of the curtain, thus allowing some flexibility in the final look.

Pencil pleat curtains measurement

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