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Fabric collection City

Chic and elegance in a simple form. The City collection is a modern series of the highest quality fabrics in a wide palette of different tones, thanks to which you can create a unique and extremely fashionable atmosphere in accordance with the latest interior trends.

The high softness of the fibres, made of chenille threads, makes the fabric fleshy and pleasant to the touch, guaranteeing a cosy atmosphere.

City is characterized by high resistance and strength to abrasion and pilling. Wide range of colours makes this versatile upholstery fabric suitable for furniture production as well as for its renovation. It is also used as a fabric for curtains and other textile accessories.

The City fabric collection is a unique urban character expressed in a subtle, chenille pattern that will easily decorate and warm up your interior.

From 16,00 £ / metre

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Fabrics in collection City